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DEAEP have made a major step forward during this year with the establishment of three regular information, advice and support drop-ins based at Leicester Centre for Iintegrated Living (LCIL) at the former West End Neighbourhood Centre on Andrewes Street, in the heart of Leicester's West End area.


Since the drop-ins began earlier this year, people with issues in applying for or having assessments for Employment and Support Allowance (ESA) and Personal Independance Payments (PIP) have been able to meet with our regular volunteers Tony Hamon and Wayne Naylor to get advice, have support in completing relevant forms, getting advice on how to complete forms, what is involved with assessments and a range of other information regarding other help that claimants may be able to get.


" The drop-ins have been really busy and have seen what we do support many new people this year" said Tony Hamon." We have had around 80 claimant enquiries to date and we are just half way through the year!"

Do you need help with ESA or PIP applications?


Visit the Drop-in at LCIL, West End Neighbourhood Centre, Andrewes Street, Leicester LE3 5PA on Mondays and Fridays between 10am and 2 pm. The drop-in is also available by appointment only on Tuesdays.


For information and appointments call 0800 0699667 (DEAEP) or (0116) 2225005 (LCIL)

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